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Supplements4 copyWith the advent of genetically engineered crops and food production becoming a major corporate business, the products you consume today simply do not have the nutritional value that is needed for a body to thrive. Add in the enormous amount of available processed foods that is largely made up of chemicals and preservatives, it is no wonder that your body is unable to access the vitamins and minerals in requires to sustain a youthful and vibrant system. Fortunately, there are several respected and well-established companies that offer high quality nutritional supplements that will provide the nutrients you might be missing.


Benefits of Targeted Supplementation

As part of a targeted supplement plan, Dr. Ghelfi and Dr. Cooke both address issues related to aging, wellness, and nutritional deficiencies. At Infinity Health & Rejuvenation, supplement regimens are customized individually for every patient for the most effective administration of promoting optimal health.

There is no need for you to navigate the exhausting community of vitamin brands on the market. Dr. Ghelfi has found the most trusted retailers of high quality supplements available. He uses only products from leading manufacturers who follow the highest standards of safety and quality in the industry. You get supplements with the purest ingredients that will ideally support your health goals and optimize your body’s function.


Doctor Recommended Supplements

Designs for Health

As a company based in nutrition counseling, Designs for Health has now expanded to create an outstanding line of expert-approved supplements that contain quality ingredients and dosing recommendations backed by intensive research. Designs for Health is only available through qualified healthcare professionals.



Preferred by the nation’s leading physicians, Metagenics offers premium supplements. Earmarking resources to intensive, in-house scientific staff and technology allows Metagenics to create the most innovative formulas that maximize nutrient absorption. Using ingredients that have been tested for purity and sourced from the finest suppliers available, Metagenics creates their products based on the latest wellness research. Certified manufacturing takes place in-house producing potently dense products that are free of preservatives, fillers, binders, artificial ingredients or excipients.


Ortho Molecular Products

Following the most rigid standards of operation, Ortho Molecular Products creates exceptional supplement formulations using the purest ingredients on the market. Every formulation is subjected to multiple tests for purity and effectiveness so that not even a single ingredient is ever below standard. Ortho Molecular Products delivers the purest ingredients from the manufacturers who meet the highest standards of safety and quality in the industry, all backed by evidenced-based studies and well-established clinical data.


Targeted Supplement Regimens

At Infinity Health & Rejuvenation, an effective supplement regimen starts with help from your team of professionals. Dr. Ghelfi and Dr. Cooke will develop a targeted supplement plan that ideally complements your goals, lifestyle, and addresses your health concerns. His team can help you boost your overall health and enhance performance. Infinity Health & Rejuvenation is the premiere functional medicine practice in Sacramento that strives address the root cause of your health concerns. Get started on a customized treatment plan designed to fit your lifestyle and ensure you maximize your wellbeing. Begin your journey now, contact Infinity Health & Rejuvenation to schedule your first appointment.




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